Clojure Gazette 157: Om Next, Opportunity Grants, Refinement Types

Om Next, Opportunity Grants, Refinement Types


Issue 157 - January 25, 2016

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Sponsor: Clojure Remote

I was skeptical at first of Clojure Remote. Why pay to watch conference videos online? But this is more than watching videos. It's two tracks of intensive online interaction. You get to chat with other attendees and ask the presenters questions, which are aggregated and up-voted. It's a great way to learn without paying for travel or taking time off. The schedule is out now . I'm glad to support Clojure Remote, and thanks for supporting the Gazette! Buy your tickets through the link above to save 25% off the normal price. Apply for an Opportunity Grant (before February 1) if you are a member of an underrepresented group.

Why We Use Om, and Why We're Excited for Om Next

CircleCI , one of the biggest open users of Om , is planning to switch to Om Next once it's released.

Clojure/West Opportunity Grants

Don't miss your chance to apply for an opportunity grant. Also, the Call for Proposals is closing this week.

LiquidHaskell Refinement Types for Haskell Youtube

Ranjit Jhala gives a workshop on refinement types. These are a way to add value-level constraints to the Haskell type inferencer. You can catch off-by-one errors, among other common problems.


Jeremy Bernstein profiled Marvin Minsky back in 1981.

CIDER: The journey so far and the road ahead

Bozhidar Batsov explains the features of recent CIDER releases. I've never used the debugger but it looks amazing.

Clojure 1.8 Released

Clojure turns 1.8 today! Read the CHANGELOG .

Writing Om Next Reloadable Code --- A Checklist

I've been learning Om Next and this checklist by António Monteiro helped me figure out how to make my code reloadable.

Visualizing Girl Talk: Parsing With Clojure's Instaparse

Matt Adereth analyzes sampled music by parsing wiki pages using Instaparse.

Introducing Emily Simplifying Functional Programming Youtube

Andi McClure created a cool functional language where everything is a function.