Clojure Gazette 159: Overtone, Boot, Specter

Overtone, Boot, Specter


Issue 159 - February 8, 2016

Hi Clojurists,

Some weeks are just full of changes. This past week has been one of those for me. While it might be easy to see many of the changes as negative, I'm trying to see them as opportunities.

One of the exciting (and easily appreciated) opportunities is to attend Clojure Remote . I'm both a speaker and a member of a panel. Remote conferences in other language communities have done well, and the organization is in good hands, so I think it should be a good one. I've been researching remote conferences and they reach further than in-person conferences can. People from all over the world can afford to attend, because the ticket price is lower, you don't have to travel, and you can take off less work.

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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Sponsor: Clojure Remote

I was skeptical at first of Clojure Remote. Why pay to watch conference videos online? But this is more than watching videos. It's two tracks of intensive online interaction. You get to chat with other attendees and ask the presenters questions, which are aggregated and up-voted. It's a great way to learn without paying for travel or taking time off. It's happening this week. I'm glad to support Clojure Remote, and thanks for supporting the Gazette!

Carnatic Music Synthesis in Clojure Youtube

A long time ago I was learning the sitar, an Indian classical instrument. So it was with great joy that I watched Srihari Sriraman explain how to model the structures of Indian classical music in Clojure for use with Overtone.

Building on Boot

Sean Corfield explains some of the rationale behind switching from Leiningen to Boot.

What can a technologist do about climate change?

Bret Victor changed how I saw software with Magic Ink . Not only was the argument he made in the essay compelling, but the web page he presented it in was beautiful. It had humor, margin notes, references, and great typography---not very common on the web. It obviously took more work than most blogs. And he has consistenly published beautiful, well-researched, and often devastatingly interactive online essays. Victor has done it again with a new essay about climate change and technology. He's proof that scholarship is as powerful as ever.

First Do No Harm: Surgical Refactoring Youtube

An excellent talk by Nell Shamrell-Harrington. She uses a medical metaphor to explain how she refactors difficult code. If only I could be so disciplined while refactoring.

Clojure/West Tickets on Sale

Clojure/West is happening in Seattle in April this year. It's an awesome conference. The talks are smart and ecclectic and the attendees are enthused and friendly. If you can make it, you should.

The Charles Max Wood Interview with Thom Parkin

This episode of The Freelancer's Show is one of the reasons I'm excited ab out Clojure Remote coming up. Charlse Max Wood has been doing a remote conference per month, on a variety of topics. And they've been successful. They fill a real need.

Clojure Web Development Online Study Group

There's a new reading group starting on Web Development with Clojure. This could be interesting.

Jenn Hillner on the Cognicast

Craig Andera interviews Jenn Hillner, Sales Lead at Cognitect, about, among other things, selling Clojure in the wild.

Nathan Marz on the Cognicast

Craig Andera interviews Nathan Marz, creator of Cascalog, Storm, and Specter.