Clojure Gazette 161: Design Patterns, ClojureScript, Learning

Design Patterns, ClojureScript, Learning


Issue 161 - February 22, 2016

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Sponsor: How to convince your boss to use Clojure

Some of us learning Clojure or using it in our spare time would love to be paid to write Clojure. A move to a new job might be too much change, but is it possible to introduce Clojure into your current job? It has been done before and documented. This article links to many talks and articles about introducing Clojure to existing businesses and tech stacks.

Ramsey Nasser at Eyeo 2015

Ramsey Nasser, best known in the Clojure world for his creation of Arcadia talks about programming languages, art, and programming.

Bruce Sterling on the Internet Industry Youtube

I occasionally binge on talks by smart people with strong perspectives. I've been really enjoying sci-fi author Bruce Sterling's talks. He's a nice cleanse for the internet, new-economy hype that can colonize your mind if you're involved in tech.

Now, he's no luddite. He's active in the Arduino community and the Internet of Things movement. Also check out this anti-AI talk .

Clojure/West Speakers Announced

The lineup looks great this year. It's a great mix of practical, theoretical, and whimsical.

Nicky Case at Eyeo 2015

Nicky Case explains some of his thinking and process for developing interactive explainers.

Edward Kmett explaining Design Patterns in Functional Programming

Edward Kmett explains the difference between design patterns and language-supported abstractions.

ClojureScript Made Easy Youtube

Jonathan Boston explains his affection for ClojureScript. I really appreciate his analysis of why we should choose one framework over another. Does lodash's performance really make it better than underscore?

Learnable Programming

I think I've linked to this before, but it's such a good and important essay, it's worth sharing it again. Bret Victor is one of those powerful thinkers of our time, seeing through our tool blindness and helping us see what programming could be. Why should learning to program be different from programming itself?

The Risk in Speaking Up

Ashe Dryden explains why it is hard and often ineffective to speak up about abuse. She concludes with how we can help. Please read this! We all need to know how to help. Minorities in our field face abuse every day.

Introducing Emily Simplifying Functional Programming Youtube

Andi McClure presents the design of her language Emily. It's a functional language that focuses on reducing redundant concepts.