Clojure Gazette 163: Conference, REPL, Tuples

Conference, REPL, Tuples


Issue 163 - March 7, 2016

Hi Clojurists,

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What Your Conference Proposal is Missing

I've submitted talks to several conferences but I never get selected. Next time, I'm going to try Sarah Mei's process.


Chris Ford has made an in-browser music synthesis and composition engine that uses ClojureScript for live coding.

Replumb REPL

Another in-browser ClojureScript REPL, backed by a supporting library .

Ubergraph Github

Mark Engelberg has released a high-performance graph library. You may remember Mark as one of the authors of Instaparse . Ubergraph extends the Loom library, which is a graph library by Aysylu Greenberg.

ClojureScript Macro Sugar

Mike Fikes (of Planck and Replete fame) wrote about requiring macros in ClojureScript namespaces.

What Tech Workers Can Learn From Harry Bridges

A transcript of an important talk by Kelsey Gilmore-Innis about the role workers have played in the improvement of their lives and the lives of others. It's a shame the software industry doesn't do the same.

Today My Son Learned About Tuples

Julie Moronuki, co-author of Haskell Programming from First Principles , explains her son's reasoning about tuples and lists.

CNC milling survey contours

Kevin Lynagh used Clojure to generate Visual Basic to 3D print a contour model of a land survey.

No Compiler

Andi McClure describes her adventures into LLVM and Lua.