Clojure Gazette 167: Cider, Jepsen, Naid

Cider, Jepsen, Naid


Issue 167 - April 05, 2016

Hi Clojurists,

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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Put Up or Shut Up: An Open Letter to Tech Companies Seeking Diverse Teams Youtube

Kronda Adair talks about what companies can do to actually increase their diversity (instead of just talking about it).

CIDER Manual

CIDER, the excellent (and improving) Clojure(Script) IDE for Emacs, now has a manual. And you can contribute!

On Software Quality Youtube

Jonathan Blow is a game designer and programmer. I think he brings a fresh perspective, especially on functional programming. It's important to listen to perspectives outside of your bubble sometimes. The thing that's most valuable is his emphasis on the complexity cost of abstractions. I do believe that abstractions have real costs and that most abstractions do not pay their way. When you find an abstraction that does, hold onto it. And discard the rest. They are dead weight in your code.

An introduction to distributed systems

Kyle Kingsbury, creator of Jepsen , shared his outline for a distributed systems workshop he runs.

Self-Hosted Clojurescript in action - Part 1

Yehonathan Sharvit has been writing some really interesting articles with embedded ClojureScript widgets.

Destructuring in Clojure

A few months ago, was open sourced and the community has been working on guides for Clojure. This one is about destructuring.

Property-Based Testing in Clojure

Jonathan Graham, programmer and musician, shows how he tests custom implementations of clojure.core functions by comparing them to the original with property based testing.

naiad GitHub

Timothy Baldridge, main contributor of core.async, has created a library for easily making data flow graphs using core.async.

Omniconf: Comprehensive Configuration Library for Clojure

Alex Yakushev describes a new library for application configuration.

Types vs. Tests Youtube

Amanda Laucher explores the interplay of types and tests. Do we test every line? Or do we rely on types? How can the Curry-Howard isomorphism help us think better?