Clojure Gazette 197: core.match, DSLs, and functional salaries

core.match, DSLs, and functional salaries


Issue 197 - October 31, 2016

Core.match interactive tutorial

I'm really loving these interactive tutorials. Yehonathan Sharvit has produced a ton of these articles with live code editors embedded right in. He's found an awesome format for this kind of thing. If you'd like to learn Clojure and ClojureScript, check out this and other posts.

How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

I think I'm really lucky about JavaScript. The first job where I had to do a significant amount of JavaScript was before the advent of Backbone. So long ago! We switched and stuck with that early version of Backbone until I left. Then I started with ClojureScript and missed dealing with the npms, the grunts, the bowers, the yeomans, the browserfications. The world was so simple! Now it's an incredibly complicated stack of tools that shifts and changes. And they say ClojureScript is hard to learn.

Functional Programming Career Guide

You're obviously interested in Clojure. Have you ever thought of transitioning your career to functional programming? But maybe you have doubts about it working. Are there enough jobs? Will it take too much time? Is it just a trend? Get all your questions answered in my free Functional Programming Career Guide . If it doesn't answer your questions or quell your doubts, just email me. I respond to it all. There has never been a better time to program in a functional language professionally. You know it's calling to you. You'll get to do functional programming at work and be around others doing it, too. You owe it to yourself to explore the possibility .

Why Functional Programming Matters Youtube

John Hughes and Mary Sheeran are at it again, reinvigorating the functional programming world with a new take on his classic paper.

A Queer History of Computing: Part Three

If you watch the previous link, you'll see Strachey is mentioned. He's a giant in our field that does not get as much mention as he deserves. Check out this five-part series about homosexuality in the history of computing.

Rich Hickey: Programmer Profile

As part of, I'm trying to put together an encyclopedia of important figures in the field. I'd like to have a page linking to all of the important works. This is one of the more complete ones I've done so far. Please let me know what you think.

The Dialectics of Type-Level Programming Youtube

Aaron Levin talks shows how to build a type-level DSL for processing an event stream.

Category Theory for Programmers Youtube

Bartosz Milewski has been teaching Category Theory and it is epic. If you're looking for something to get to the next level of functional programming, you can do a lot worse than Category Theory.

[2016 European Software Development Salary Survey](


A long and interesting read. O'Reilley put together a survey of European salary information (along with other job characteristics) and analyzed the results. One thing I'd like to highlight is that there is a graph of "intent to learn" languages. Five out of the top ten languages in the survey are functional. And the top fifteen also include Elixir and F#. The future for functional programming is bright.

Daniel Friedman Code Mesh 2016 Interview

I interviewed Daniel Friedman about his upcoming Code Mesh talk (which is happening this week). Such a fascinating person.