Clojure Gazette 198: Alan Kay, The Matrix, John Hughes

Alan Kay, The Matrix, John Hughes


Issue 198 - November 07, 2016

Clojure/conj Schedule

The schedule is out and yours truly is on there! I'm still developing my talk (and delivery). You can see where I'm at here .

@jessitron 's notes from Joe Armstrong & Alan Kay

Joe Armstrong interviewed Alan Kay on the stage at Code Mesh. The videos are not up yet (I haven't found them). But @jessitron shared some notes she made. These are filtered through three great minds. Joe Armstrong asked the questions, Alan Kay answered them, and Jessica Kerr took notes.

Alan Kay: Programmer Profile

If you're hankering for some Alan Kay talks, I've collected quite a few of them on this page. It's probably not complete. Please let me know if you know of others.


I've been really digging into core.matrix recently. Good stuff.

Manipulating time with clj-time

A new course on about using clj-time. Available with a subscription .

John Hughes on Elixir Fountain

Johnny Winn interviews Functional Programming legend John Hughes.

[Simon Thompson on Functional Geekery](https://www.functionalgeeker

Wow. If you'd like a glimpse into the history of functional programming, listen to this.