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Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.40 --- May 22, 2013

Quiet this week


I don't have very much to say about Clojure this week. These are some media I thought I would recommend.


Eric Normand
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Cancer and Startups

I often look at running a business as an existential adventure. Day-to-day life as an employee is comfortable but does not necessitate much self-reflection. Chris Granger is going through two existential challenges at the same time. He documents his soul-searching in this excellent and personal post.

Replace Temp with Query in Clojure

Colin Jones takes us through his process of refactoring a single function to remove deep nesting. There is a great lesson about trust in this post.


Irakli Gozalishvili has created a Clojure-like language that translates into human-readable Javascript. It does not add all that ClojureScript adds. For instance, wisp vectors are just Javascript arrays. But it does share a lot of the virtues of Clojure, especially that of embracing the host platform.


Caltech's Machine Learning Course

This course is awesome and it's free. The teacher does a great job explaining the algorithms and math involved. Make no mistake, you'll have to pay attention, but you'll come out with a good foundation. The above link is to the 14th lecture. You may want to start with the first .

Prismatic Interview

Everybody is talking about Prismatic, a company with a Clojure stack. The two co-founders Bradford Cross and Aria Haghighi were interviewed by Robert Scoble. They talk about the future of the product and it looks brilliant.

Lambda Jam

A hands-on conference coming up in July in Chicago. It focuses on functional programming and getting your hands dirty. It has a great schedule. You are sure to learn something!

Your truly will be mentoring one of the jams. Be sure to say "hi".

Strange Loop

The tickets went on sale yesterday and they will not stay long. This has got to be the hottest conference in its field. And who could turn down a lineup like what they've got. I just bought my ticket. Get yours while they last.


Clojure Cup

Get ready for this 48-hour Clojure development competition that happens at the end of September. The lineup of judges for the winning app is amazing.

Lisp in Summer Projects

Another competition to encourage people to write apps in Lisp. This one runs for almost three months and there's lots of prize money waiting!