PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 203: Video Deluge, Salaries, JVM, Clojure Remote

Issue 203 - December 12, 2016

Hi Clojurists,

Folks, you've probably noticed, but there was quite a bit of video content published in the past couple of weeks. Clojure/conj and Clojure Exchange both happened last week. But the EuroClojure videos are also still coming online. Lots to work through and enjoy.

Clojure Remote is coming up. I'll be hosting a workshop for the process in my Clojure/conj talk Building Composable Abstractions. I'll consider my talk required viewing before the workshop so I can jump right in and help you work through your own abstractions. Get your tickets now. A little birdie told me the price will go up again in the new year.

I'm also working on a new course called JVM Fundamentals for Clojure. It's all about the details of the JVM you need when programming in Clojure. It seems to have hit a nerve. The course is available for Early Access. You can buy the course now at a steep discount, start learning, and have your questions influence the development of the course. Buy it in Early Access now.

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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Proto REPL, a New Clojure Development and Visualization Tool YouTube

Proto REPL looks like an awesome way to visualize the results of your REPL interaction. Proto REPL is a Clojure plugin for Atom.

Becoming Omniscient with Sayid YouTube

Sayid is a debugger for Clojure that basically tells you everything. It tells you the values of the arguments and return values of every function call.

Composing music with clojure.spec YouTube

Not being a musician, I like watching these music programming talks. They make me optimistic about being able to understand music theory and write my tunes.

Functional Résumé Teardown

Many of you have told me you want to get jobs in functional programming. As part of my Functional Programming Career Guide, I did a teardown of a résumé with hiring coach Josh Doody. One of my readers was generous enough to let us critique his résumé. He wants a job in Clojure but has not gotten any offers yet after several interviews. We went through his résumé and talked about how he could improve it.

Live-Coding Mathematics: Your First Clojure Proof YouTube

Frederic Peschanski presents the Latte proof assistant, a dependently-typed lambda calculus library written in Clojure. It allows Clojure to be a system for exploring types and logic.

Communicating Risk Reactively YouTube

A great talk by Mike Pearson about how to visualize the risk of mortality for patients and the difficult statistics that need to be communicated.

Clojure Remote Schedule

The schedule is partially up, with more talks in planning. Last year's was a great lineup, supplemented with chat rooms. This year Ryan Neufeld, the organizer, has a lot of great ideas he's experimenting with to make it an engaging, interactive experience. Ticket prices will go up after the schedule is fully announced, so get your ticket today.

Situations, actions, and causal laws

John McCarthy develops a calculus of facts changing over time. Alan Kay has talked about this as a better alternatives to monads for stateful programming.

JVM Fundamentals for Clojure

Does the JVM make Clojure intimidating? Wouldn't it be nice to skip 10 years of Java experience and see what the experts see? This course will go over the fundamentals of the JVM that you will face when using Clojure every day. It's now in Early Access, so grab it while you can. Current members already have access.