PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 222: Laziness, core.async, and Re-frame

Issue 222 - April 24, 2017

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What are the most used Clojure libraries?

Jake McCrary analyzed Clojure projects in the GitHub dataset and answered some questions about the popularity of different libraries.

Writing ClojureScript Native Apps is Easy

Expo is JavaScript bindings for native iOS and Android libraries. I'm very interested in this right now because ClojureScript with React Native is quite an amazing development experience and this makes it that much easier. This article by Frankie Sardo gives a nice intro. I do want to make a course on this after I finish Re-frame for Web.

On the Judicious Use of core.async

Some good tips from Paul Stadig about the good and bad of core.async.

Auditing with Reified Transactions in Datomic

Whit Chapman gives a nice tip about using transactions to store information about who is transacting the data. That way, you can later query the history.

Numbers as text

Ray McDermott is quite the Beyonce fan, apparently. In this article, Ray runs through an exercise of printing the numbers written out in letters instead of digits.

Roughing It Dev Style: Coding Without a Computer

Chazona Baum shares her experience coding from her iPhone. I'd love to be able to give up my laptop and work exclusively through a window into the cloud. I worry a bit about not being able to work offline, but sometimes I think it's a blessing to be disconnected from your work.

Semi-eager realization of lazy sequences in ClojureScript

Marcin Kulik presents a cool system for calculating lazy sequences ahead of time while the browser is idle.

Two more Re-frame components

I've published two more lessons in the new Re-frame Components course I'm making. I build a sortable table in the first one and then rework it to use the database in the second lesson. We dive into some of the deeper Re-frame ideas. This course is all about skills in the small. I'm planning another course where we go over the big ideas of Re-frame.

LambdaConf Interviews

LambdaConf is coming up and we've been interviewing the speakers. There's some good stuff coming up. I will be speaking there as well. But I think I will be all conferenced-out after that!