PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 226: Hacking+Ruby+Clojure

Issue 226 - May 22, 2017

Hi Clojurers,

Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea last week. I have really great readers with great insights.

I got some optimistic perspectives and some were rather pessimistic. I just wanted to reassure everyone that I do have healthy revenue growth on my videos and I do plan on continuing helping people learn Clojure. If anything, I've got a more realistic view of the community and a lot of motivation to improve it. We're not bad off and there's plenty of room for growth.

Rock on!

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To Clojure and back: writing and rewriting in Ruby YouTube

I learned about this conference talk this week. It is excellent. Everything Phill MV talks about makes total sense. The thing that is most painful to me is that the phrase "user hostile" rang true with his Clojure experience. We need to listen to these experiences. They may not be totally true in general, but for every Clojure failure story we hear, there must be a hundred we don't.

An unfortunate thing happened after the talk was published. Apparently the video drew a lot of abuse. This is not okay. He shared his personal experience and there's no reason to get defensive about it. Please, please, be more excellent to each other.

Emacs and Clojure, a Lispy Love Affair YouTube

Arne Brasseur totally shares his screen while rocking Emacs.

Bounce! Hacking Jazzfest with Social Videos

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a hackathon. I love hackathons if they're done right. They remind me of the joy of programming and creation.

Ruby versus the Titans of FP YouTube

Cassandra Cruz loved Functional Programming and tried to make it great in Ruby. Her talk is a great lesson on some of the tougher concepts in FP: higher order functions, function composition, and currying.

Who's using Clojure, and to do what?

A recent, partial list of companies using Clojure. I was surprised by the quantity and variety. Does your company use Clojure? Put it on this page. Also, want to get more productive? Email me about training.