PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 241: Paradigms, Data Science, Style

Issue 241 - September 04, 2017

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Programming Paradigms and the Procedural Paradox

I've been thinking a lot recently about what functional programming is. It occurred to me that most definitions merely list features (first-class functions, immutable data, etc) but that I believe there's more to it. This article explores the different paradigms as approaches to problem solving. We see, in the end, that they're not so different and they're certainly not mutually exclusive. It feels like I'm onto something. What do you think?

Clojure spec: Expressing Data Constraints without Types YouTube

Alex Miller presents Clojure Spec and its rationale. Well-worth watching for Alex's very clear and measured explanations.


Speaking of Spec, this library is trying to make a better, human-readable error message for errors occurring due to Spec. This library could be really useful at development-time to more easily understand when you have data that doesn't conform to the spec, especially as more of the standard library is spec'ed out. I love this direction and can't wait to see where else this is taken.

Climate Data, Scientific Data Visualization and Clojure YouTube

George Kierstein explains the human biases we have as perceptual machines and then talks about biases inherent in data. She concludes with some cool visualizations of climate data.

Clojure Concurrency Kindle Book

I released The Ultimate Guide to Clojure Concurrency as a Kindle book. It's on Amazon now and you can get it for 99 cents. I would make it free, but I'm not sure how. It's the same content as online, just available for your Kindle. I'd very much appreciate honest reviews to let others know how you like it.

Exercises in Programming Style YouTube

Crista Lopes takes a page out of the OULIPO playbook and tries to write the same program many times under different constraints. She concludes that it's a worthy exercise and may help people get out of the rut of their first language's style.

Clojure SYNC

I recently added a Diversity Statement on the site to really send the message that the conference will be very welcoming. To me, running a conference is a bit like hosting a dinner party. It's my responsibility to help everyone there feel comfortable. I'd love your help making this conference amazing for people like you.

Also, I've signed up two more speakers (total of 3 so far) and I'll be announcing them this week. They are certifiably awesome and I am very excited. Get on the mailing list to be the first to know.


Moonconf is happening again this year, this time in Phoe nix, Arizona. The CFP is open right now. I'd love to go! Anyone else going?

Elise Huard on the Cognicast

Carin Meier speaks with Elise Huard about data science in Clojure and more.