PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 244: Comics, Infinity, Scaling

Issue 244 - September 25, 2017

Hi Clojurers,

I'm this close to finishing the recordings of V2 of Introduction to Clojure. Everything is coming together nicely. After finishing the recording (only ten pages left of notes to record), I'll be uploading it and putting on the finishing touches. A couple of features:

  1. All of the code will be available to copy-paste inside of the over 100 pages of notes.
  2. All of the code will also be available in a git repo with tags at each point.
  3. Lessons are broken up into shorter videos for easier watching.
  4. We use Nightlight for a no-install editor with structural editing.
  5. In general, way more explanation about what's going on.

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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Clojure SYNC Opportunity Grants

I've just put up a description of Clojure SYNC's Opportunity Grant program with the purpose of increasing the diversity of the Clojure SYNC community and removing financial obstacles to attendance. You can apply now with a short form. Please share it with people you know who might benefit from attending. The grants can pay for travel and lodging to attend. You can now also help someone attend by donating to the grant.

Clojure SYNC Speakers

Check out the speaker lineup! I cannot believe how awesome the talks are going to be. There's one spot left to fill, but it won't be hard to fill. Some people have said I should give a talk, but I thought that would be tacky---can you talk at your own conference? What do you think?

Also, there are now Student Price tickets.

a smol comic about clojure

Cute drawing about Clojure.

The Beginning of Infinity Book

David Deutsch makes many clear (and some unclear) arguments about the nature of knowledge, how science works, and how we make decisions (among other things). The writing strikes me as arrogant, but I can ignore that if I know that ahead of time. What's important is the way it makes you think about issues in a new way, and that's what I liked most about this book. Many of the arguments are compelling, but they're the kind of ideas that will not make you new friends. It's not that they controversial. They're just so clear and cogent, yet counter to common sense. A fine read that will make you think.

CommEngReport with Kent Beck Podcast

I've been getting into Kim Crayton's podcast. She is really diving deep into issues of organizational change. And this episode where she interviews Kent Beck is no exception. It is not the first episode, but it is a great introduction to the podcast.

Get a Whiff of This YouTube

Sandi Metz talking about code smells and refactoring. I really wish there were a book like Refactoring for functional programming.

Lending Privilege YouTube

Anjuan Simmons presents practival advice about how to use your privilege to help others.


Tony Kay on the defn podcast Podcast

Tony Kay talks about Fulcro and it's a great discussion. I like his comparison between Luminus and Fulcro: Luminus is a choice of libraries put together for you. Fulcro is all the work you have to do to get an Om Next app running.

Solving Imaginary Scaling Issues, at Scale YouTube

Laurie Voss explains crazy things people try to do to scale their apps.