PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 251: Machine Learning, ClojureScript, The Future

Issue 251 - November 13, 2017

Hi Clojurers,

I surprised myself last week by signing up Kim Crayton to speak at Clojure SYNC! She'll be helping us stay relevant as AI takes our jobs.

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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David Nolen on ClojureScript Podcast

Joy Clark interviews David Nolen mostly about ClojureScript on the Conversations about Software Engineering poscast. Some great stuff. Check out her sketchnotes.

WFT?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us Book

This book by Tim O'Reilly explores what the future holds technologically and economically. It has an optimistic perspective but urges us to shift our mindsets because the future is going to happen regardless!

Designing the Future through Sci-Fi World Building Podcast

Monika Bielskyte was interviewed on the Voices of VR podcast (Kent Bye) about how Hollywood Sci-Fi is failing us.

Cats and Dogs in Cortex Redux

A machine learning walkthrough by Carin Meier.

Software 2.0

Andrej Karpathy argues that Deep Learning Neural Networks is a new paradigm for building software. I'm not so sure, but it's a new perspective.

State in Re-frame

I've put together a new guide to Re-frame. This time, it's all about where to put your state.

Avoid Converting JavaScript Objects

Mike Fikes has a good explanation of what to do instead of converting all of your JS objects into Clojure maps. He shows that doing so is 10 times slower that accessing the values using the Google Closure goog.object/getValueByKeys. I never remember to do this, but I'll be on the lookout now.

Currently recording: Understanding Re-frame Course

There are now almost 3 hours in this course, and I've only gotten started with my notes. This one is going to be a monster! Re-frame deserves a lot of time because I think it's the best frontend framework we've got going.

Here are new lessons since last week:

  • Lists, keys, and laziness in Hiccup
  • Accessing DOM nodes
  • Building form components
  • Reagent Atoms
  • Reasoning about Re-rendering

Look for an Early Access Program sale in the coming week.

New Feature: Course progress

I've known for a while that my alphabetical list of courses is less than ideal for figuring out what course you should buy or watch next. I've got filtering, but I wanted a way for my members to track their progress in individual courses. Well, I've built a new feature. You can mark individual lessons as completed b y clicking a checkmark. And the course will show you a progress bar. Look for integration with filtering to come soon. I'd love to know what you think or if you have ideas that will help you navigate the 57 hours of video I have on the site.