PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 252: Brand, Distributed, Feelings

Issue 252 - November 20, 2017

Hi Clojurists,

Last week I opened up the Early Access Sale for Understanding Re-frame. You can get 60% off the unfinished course with access to all new lessons as they comes out. Of course, members get access to everything already. Add Understanding Re-frame to the cart, Use coupon code REFRAMEPEAP when you're checking out, and enjoy the new checkmark functionality :) The coupon will expire soon.

I had one free lesson in the course, to give a feel for what you'd learn. The lesson was an overview of the whole Re-frame stack. But because it's over four hours already (and growing), I decided to make a second lesson free. This one is an overview of the parts of Re-frame.

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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Have you ever found yourself printing large maps, trying to find the nested data you're looking for? Egg Syntax has created a tool to help you quickly explore complex, nested data structures at the REPL.

Why a Personal Brand is Necessary For Today's Developer

Neha Batra explains why a brand is important and how to go about building one.

A guide to distributed work

I worked remotely for many years. This article by Jake McCrary has some good guidance.

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Clojure SYNC

Well, I wrote out these reasons. Which is most compelling to you?

Relaunching Clojureverse

Arne Brasseur has been working on making his Discourse forum into a place to build a strong community. I've never been one for online discussions, but I think I'll give Arne's site a try. I really trust his leadership on this. A community site couldn't be in better hands.

Some thoughts and feelings on RubyConf 2017

Avdi Grimm was in my home town of New Orleans this past week. After the conference, he reflected on what makes the Ruby community great.

Currently Recording: Understanding Re-frame

Yes, the course continues. Now with over 4 hours of video lessons. Here are the lessons I've published since the last newsletter:

Use the coupon REFRAMEPEAP for 60% off.

From the archives: Composable parts

What does it mean to say things are composable?