PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 260: Orchestra, Logic, Lambda

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Hi Clojurers,

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the US. I like to watch his I Have a Dream speech and reflect on the progress made but also the continuing struggle for equality in America.

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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Clojure SYNC Tickets Still Available

If you enjoy the things I link to in this newsletter, you will enjoy the talks at Clojure SYNC. From the deep history of communication technology to the future of programming with AI, Clojure SYNC is designed to be an experience of broadened perspective. Further, there are three talks about practical skills every Clojurist should have---from style choices to building real-world abstractions. Finally, there are talks about building a business with Clojure, from training up your team to how to get hired.

Get your tickets today before they run out

Challenges for Logic Programming YouTube

Steve Miner's classic talk about the difficulties of using Logic Programming for real-world systems. The main difficulty is keeping things consistent even though our real-world applications are messy. It's also a great introduction to the history of the Japanese Fifth Generation movement.

So yeah, about Clojure's syntax...

Valentin Waeselynck wrote all about Clojure syntax. Some cool insights that we all go through as we look past the surface.

Slick Clojure Editor Setup with Atom

A guide by Jacek Schae about setting up Atom, the text editor. It's well-done. It has videos, commands to run, and explanation.

Principles of Technology Leadership YouTube

Brian Cantrill dissects some of the value statements of tech mega giants like Sun, Amazon, Facebook, and Uber. Via The REPL.

Clojure on Apex Up

Radford Smith got Apex Up working with Clojure. This is an example of it working. Apex Up is a toolkit for easily deploying apps to AWS Lambda and other "serverless" services.

Personal Clojure Learning Plan

Do you have big plans to learn Clojure in the New Year? If you become a member (monthly or yearly) in the month of January (or you're already a member), you'll get a 30-minute coaching session with me where we'll discuss your goals and I'll develop a custom learning plan for you. If you're already a member, watch for an email with instructions to set up the call. You'll also get instructions shortly after you sign up.


Jeaye Wilkerson has created a replacement for clojure.spec.test.alpha that checks all function specs when you intrument your functions. By default, spec only checks :args (argument) specs. This one adds :ret and :fn checks as well.

A lot of people have complained that spec does not do this automatically, but I think it's a testament to Clojure's flexibility that this can be added as a library instead of as a modification to spec's code.

Currently Recording: Understanding Re-frame

Understanding Re-frame is a comprehensive tour of the best front-end framework for ClojureScript of the moment. I like Re-frame because it just makes sense. When building an app, Re-frame has a place for everything.

The course is currently over seven hours of video. There was an Early Access Program, but the doors are now closed. If you want to get it before it is launched, join as a member and get access to everything that's already published, everything that's coming, and over 50 hours of other courses.

Here's the new lesson for this week: