PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 264: Happy Lundi Gras

Issue 264 - February 12, 2018 · Archives · Subscribe

Hi Clojurers,

Well, this is going to be a shortish issue. It's carnival here. Things slow down. School is closed. Streets are blocked. Fun is had. And Clojure SYNC is nigh, so I'm busy with that.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Rock on!

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Clojure SYNC is this week!

Clojure SYNC is coming quickly! If you're not attending, videos will be available online eventually. We won't have the super-quick turnaround of Clojure/conj.

Lunch and Evening event organization is coming along a little more slowly than I would have liked. But we've got great volunteers and I'm sure they'll come through. The events we do have are awesome.

Robotics in Our Everday Lives YouTube

Carla Diana talks about her work designing robotic products. Very cool, deep thinking.

rebel-readline GitHub

Bruce Hauman, the creator of Figwheel, has started a new project to add interactivity to the REPL. What if you had autocomplete, parentheses matching, and more? And contributions are welcome. Join the project to make the terminal REPL a better experience.

Bruce Hauman on the defn podcast Podcast

Bruce has a lot to say about the beginner experience. Listen to this.

PurelyFunctional.tv Learning Paths

I've got over 60 hours of video on PurelyFunctional.tv. I'm well-aware that it's hard to figure out what's there and what to watch next. Organizing the material for different people has been a challenge.

I've hit on something that's working. I'm calling it Learning Paths. Each Learning Path exists for a specific purpose. It gives you a selection of the courses for that purpose. And a suggested order.

Using the lesson completion feature (the checkmark under the video), you can see what courses you've already watched.

Here are the Learning Paths I've built so far: