PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 267: Debugging, REPLs, Theory

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Apropos Episode 1 YouTube

Ray McDermott has masterminded a new show. It's called Apropos. It's half news and opinions, and half live coding. I'm on the panel of four. It's recorded live on YouTube. This is the recording of the first show.

On this first show, we talked about the new Clojure CLI tools, then we jumped into a demo of them. I learned a bunch!

Follow along on Twitter to find out when the next live episode is.

Beyond Measure Vimeo

Erika Hall discusses the limits of data analysis and how having more data can often make it harder to see what matters.

superv.async GitHub

Erlang's "let it crash" principle is hard to do in Clojure. Clojure is more than halfway there, but there's one thing Erlang does that's not possible in Clojure. In Erlang, a parent process can kill all of its children. There's no built-in way to stop a Thread on the JVM.

However, it is probably possible in core.async, which has more control over its go processes. This library attempts to create an Erlang-style surpervisor framework in core.async.

full.async GitHub

Another utility library for core.async. There's some good stuff in there.

Omnia GitHub

Robert Avram has a project to create a REPL with lots of editor features.

The Power of Clojure: Debugging

A very in-depth guide to debugging actual Clojure code. It includes multiple techniques.

A Clojure learning journey

Robert Stuttaford has volunteered to build an example-quality Datomic web-app. It will kill two birds with one stone---helping register ClojureBridge applicants as well as teaching the world how to program Datomic.

Secrets from the Agile Manifesto

Ryan Lockard interviewed 14 of the original 17 Agile Manifesto authors and shares what he learned. The presentation is a little shaky, but there are some interesting points. Plus, I'm on a mission to purge whatever "Agile" practices I've got drilled into me.

A Theory of Functional Programming

I'm on a mission to create a good answer to the question "What is Functional Programming and why is it useful?" I was invited to speak at LambdUp in Prague and it was the perfect venue for starting the mission. You can also follow me developing the idea into a book on my YouTube channel.