PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 274: Datomic, Strange Loop, Clojurists Together

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Hi Clojurers,

I've been getting into Datomic recently. People ask me to make a course on it, but even though I've used it at two different companies, I don't feel like I've quite got a good handle on how to use it. Mostly, Datomic's information model requires a much deeper reprogramming of my data modeling skills. I was trained in SQL databases and feel very comfortable with them. Datomic gives us different constraints for modeling our data. I'm immersing myself in great sources of information, old and new, to make the mental changes in myself.

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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PurelyFunctional.tv Content Organization

I've been hard at work all week re-organizing all of the content in PurelyFunctional.tv to make it easier to find. The search is working now. And there is now a loose taxonomy of topics. This means that if you're looking for a particular topic, there's an easy way to drill down to it. Plus, you'll see all of the content---video courses, written guides, and reference sheets---alongside. This change has been a long time coming. Thanks for everyone who let me know they were having trouble finding things.

Datomic: Look at all the things I'm not doing!

A nice writeup of some of the differentiating points in favor of Datomic. There's also a follow-up with more points.

I'd love to see the opposite list: what things does Datomic make you do now that you're used to having in SQL databases?

Strange Loop CFP now open

Strange Loop is a force to be reconned with in the world of ideas. I've been a few times myself and the density of new ideas is palpable. If you're working on something at the intersection of industry and academia, consider submitting to Strange Loop.

Apropos Clojure #7

The panel convened again. We talk about testing as it relates to code quality. And we dove into a project Euler problem involving factorials. We got through it with the help of our live audience. It's so nice to have people in the live chat asking us questions and making comments.

Datomic Cloud Documentation

I think I'm finally convinced about Datomic now that Datomic Cloud has come out. Anyone know of the best resources to learn the best practices?

Cognicast Episode 140 Podcast

Daniel Compton was on the Cognicast. I liked how they talked about Clojurists Together, an important new organization to help fund open source development in the Clojure world.

defn podcast #34 Podcast

Mike Thompson talks about the history of Re-frame!

Datomic, ORM, and the quest for a General Hypermedia Client PDF

Slides from a talk by Dustin Getz about Datomic. Quite mind-bending, though hard to read notes on slides. His Datomic FAQ makes many of the same points.

Deconstructing the Database YouTube

Rich Hickey's classic talk about the design of Datomic.