PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 282: Careers, Errors, P2P

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Clojure Career Workshop v0.1 ALPHA

One of the most common things I get asked is around getting a job in Clojure. How much do you need to learn? Where can you find a job? How much time will it take to become an expert? Will I have to take a pay cut?

If you're motivated to put the work in to get your first job in Clojure, I can help. I'm trying out a workshop format, using live video chats, to help people land that first job.

This is the first time I'm doing it. I'll be figuring a lot out, so I'm going to do this session at a low price. Something around $200. The Alpha will also be limited to ten people, so there will be lots of personal attention. I'm planning on doing it at the end of July. I'll open the sale in the coming week.

I've helped people get their first Clojure jobs before, and it feels great. If things turn out well, this Alpha workshop will be the first of many, and many more people will get paid to work in Clojure.

Stay tuned for the sale opening.

apt-get install leiningen Video

Elana Hashman's talked about leading the Leiningen team for the Debian organization at Clojure SYNC. There's a lot more work that goes into this that you might guess. Super interesting talk from someone doing heroic work for the community.

Should we fear intelligent machines? Video

We were so lucky to have Dr. Sussman speak at and attend Clojure SYNC. He was so friendly and engaged with the other attendees.

His talk was good, too. It started off saying AI is not an existential threat because we aren't in competition for resources with computers. And computers are pretty dumb still anyways. He then describes some of the real problems AI brings up, and a way to address some of the simpler ones. Great talk, though not about Clojure at all.

cljs.main Video

We were honored to have one official announcement at Clojure SYNC. David Nolen surprised us by announcing cljs.main, which is probably old news by now. Then, it was brand new, and everyone in the audience was still reeling from the clj command-line announcement a couple of months before. Hopefully, this talk will explain the rationale behind the new tooling.

Making a Datomic system GDPR-compliant

A well-written guide, written by Valentin Waeselynck, about how to forget people's personal information if you have to. And the answer is not "just use excision".

Alex Miller chimes in about error messages Clojureverse

He's got a more thorough analysis of what's wrong with error messages than I've seen anywhere else.

P2P People to People Podcast

A new episode of Code Podcast is out. This one has some great examples of peer-to-peer protocols, how they work, and why they are often better than client-server models.

12 Fractured Apps

Kelsey Hightower shared some good advice for building apps that can operate in an uncertain environment. Having some experience with Docker complexities at a previous job, this article would have been great to have read back then.