PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 284: Threading, React, OTP

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Hi Clojurers,

This Tuesday I'm running a Clojure Career Workshop. It's the first time I'm running it, and I'm excited. My goal is to get everyone at least started down the path of getting a job, if not all the way there. It will probably be a lot of work, but it will be extremely rewarding. And I hope to run similar workshops regularly.

Every year at Clojure/conj, Alex Miller asks for a show of hands. "Who is looking for a job in Clojure?" and "Who is hiring for a job in Clojure?" Many hands go up for both questions. And, ironically, both groups claim that there aren't enough of the other group. There are simultaneously not enough jobs and not enough employees.

It's obviously a problem of connection in the network. I hope to connect people to what they need. Then there's the question of what message you're sending---the job listing or the resume. You need to send a clear signal about the job.

Please enjoy the issue.

Rock on!

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Clojure Career Workshop ALPHA

There's still time to get your place. The workshop takes place over two sessions, on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you've ever wanted to get a job in Clojure, this is your chance to get social support and have your resume forwarded to a bunch of people in my network. What's more, this workshop will never be so inexpensive again. I'm only giving the price of $199 because it's the first time I'm doing it.

Building a product with Clojure: Lessons Learned

A great talk by Łukasz Korecki who built a new product in Ruby on Rails, then switched to Clojure.

otplike --- Erlang/OTP processes and behaviours for Clojure YouTube

Alexey Aristov presents the otplike library, which makes Clojure with core.async a lot more like Erlang with OTP.

Design, Composition, and Performance Talk

One of Rich Hickey's classic talks. I can't get enough. Be sure to check out the transcript.

how Clojure is used at Defold and why YouTube

Mats Gisselson introduces Clojure to interested developers. Mats is part of the Defold editor team. Defold is a really cool game engine that makes making games pretty sweet, and it's written in Clojure. This is the first of an 11-part series.

React Lifecyle

React has a lot of methods on the component class that deal with different points in the lifecycle of a component. It's one of the hard things to learn about React. However, Reagent makes most of those methods unnecessary. In this post, I break down the lifecycle methods you really need to know to be successful in Reagent.

Threading with Style

Stuart Sierra goes deep on when to use and when not to use threading macros (-> and ->>).

An opinionated guide to writing developer resumes in 2017

I've been sending this guide out to those lucky folks in my career workshop. The guide has a lot of good advice. The only thing I would add is that there is more than just technical skill. You're also selling your ability to learn and be valuable to the company. In the best of cases, your resume should be like a story, with the job you're applying for the obvious next act.

Clojure Combinators Video Course

In this course, I go through a bunch of combinators. A combinator is a function that combines its arguments into a new function. You might be familiar with some of the combinators: comp, fnil, and partial. We go through more, like juxt and constantly, implementing each as we go.

These combinators are simple, yet they are a gateway into deeper functional programming ideas. They turn regular programming language syntax, like setting the arguments to a function, into first-class notions.