PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 290: Generative, Non-events, Hammocks

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The Big Elixir Giveaway

My friends are running an Elixir conference called The Big Elixir here in New Orleans in November. They offered me two free tickets to give away to my followers. I put together this giveaway. If you're interested in Elixir, this will be a really cool event. It's right in the heart of the French Quarter, in the same spot where Clojure SYNC was.

They also gave us a discount code for 20%, which you get get by clicking here.

What is the business value of Clojure? Podcast

In this episode, I discuss why a business might choose Clojure. When companies have proven successful with languages like PHP, JavaScript, and Java, why would a company choose Clojure and risk not being able to hire?

Two-File ClojureScript Namespace Pattern

Mike Fikes explains one pattern for including macros in your ClojureScript code. I didn't know about this. It seems like ClojureScript is evolving way faster than I can keep up.

Climbing Hammock Mountain Podcast

Valentin Waeselynck on the defn podcast. Val has been impressing me lately with his highly analytical synthesis of great ideas on his blog.

Computer Science - A Guide for the Perplexed YouTube

Joe Armstrong tries to simplify the study of the history of computer science. What are two papers to read? What are four videos on YouTube? Etc.

Dynamic Non-events YouTube

Adrian Cockcroft talks about failure and how we can prevent disastrous failures by learning from the airline industry.

Software Automation in a Polyglot Stack YouTube

Jessica Kerr talks about how to be generative on a team. Wonderful ideas!

Michael Drogalis on Pyrostore's Acquisition, the future of Onyx, and stream processing Podcast

The REPL (the email newsletter) has a new podcast. The first episode was with Michael Drogalis. Daniel and Michael talk about stream processing.

better geometry through graph theory

Zach Tellman discusses his troubles with floating point imprecision, and what he did to work around it.

Beginning with Clojure Macros Video Course

Clojure has macros, but people often say not to use them if you can avoid it. I tend to agree with that advice, but I also went through a period when I wrote way too many macros. It was fun and a great learning experience. I don't think I should deny that same experience to people.

My advice now is that you should play with macros until you come to the same concl usion: they're not for everything. This course gives you a mental framework for developing macros. It even gives you a way to think about whether you need a macro. We build some neat macros together. By they end, you should have a good feel for how to do it yourself.