PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 304: Back to the factory

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Hi Clojurists,

More resources about Agile and how it came from the factory. In my experience, people turn to Agile without really understanding where it came from, what it's about, and what the alternatives are. I'm exploring those myself, because in my experience Agile makes me feel like Charlie Chaplin working at the factory. GIF

Please enjoy the issue!

Rock on!

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I will be speaking at IN/Clojure 2019

I will be speaking at IN/Clojure in January. Be sure to get your tickets while they last.

3 models of software development as a factory

Is software engineering like a factory? If it is, the how so? Is there more than one way to frame that metaphor?

The Dehumanisation of Agile and Objects YouTube

James Coplien at his best, deconstructing Agile.

Real Software Engineering YouTube

Glenn Vanderburg talks about whether programming is engineering, how we got here, and where we can go moving forward. He also has a pretty good breakdown of some of the practices of eXtreme Programming as ways of building feedback loops of various time lengths into your development.

On Storytelling

Evan Czaplicki talks about his process for building Elm. It's slow and methodical, much like Clojure. People compl ain and claim that bugs go unfixed for a long time. But he's optimizing for something more broad and global instead of getting tickets through as fast as possible.

Jason Fried Q&A YouTube

Jason Fried talks in-depth about the process they use at Basecamp, which is nothing like the traditional sprint cycle.

Hammock Driven Development YouTube

Rich Hickey's classic talk contains a few critiques of Agile development, including calling every cycle a "sprint". Where is the time for thoughtful reflection?

Unlocking data-driven systems YouTube

A different way to develop: think a lot, then build a solution. Does your company give you time to think? Or are you always busy doing work others have thought about?

Implementing Programmer Anarchy YouTube

Fred George on managing the managers and giving programmers the freedom to solve problems instead of completing tickets. It's a combination of shielding programmers from over-management, establishing clear goals, and providing a good architecture and coding practices to enable programmers to experiment.

Hiccup id and class Shortcuts Free lesson

Next week's free lesson is all about how best to use the id and class shortcuts in Reagent's Hiccup.

I'm going through this course and every week, making one lesson free for the week. You can follow PurelyFunctional.tv on Twitter to be reminded.