PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 307: Performance, Architecture, Semantics

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Hi Clojurtators,

I've gotten a couple of questions on the status of the podcast. I will be continuing in the new year. Things got busy and I decided to call this a holiday break.

I'm really looking forward to my travels to India for IN/Clojure. I'm going to be talking about how I avoid the problems of nested maps that many people fall into.

And, finally, I've started The Little Typer and I really like it!

Have a Happy New Year!

Rock on!

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I will be speaking at IN/Clojure 2019

I will be speaking at IN/Clojure in January. Be sure to get your tickets while they last. It's about two weeks away, now. The speaker lineup looks amazing! I hope to see you there.

Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way

Some practical principles for developing a microservice system without swamping yourself in uncontrollable complexity.

Database Structure in Re-frame From the archives

My tips on how to use the database in Re-frame so that it makes it easy to develop your UI.

  • How do you name your events and subscriptions?
  • How do you evolve your database over time?
  • How can you successfully work with nested maps in your database?
  • How could you maintain a consistent order of entities?

... and more.

Alex Yakushev by defn Podcast

A nice interview with Alex Yahushev. They talk about Clojure performance, mostly.

How do you create a semantic base layer? Podcast

In this episode, I go through some tips for exploring your code on the lookout for semantic layers.

Functional Programming in Anger YouTube

David Nolen presents ClojureScript's killer features, which are that it has good IDE support, runs in the browser, and has hot reloading out of the box.

Hiccup and subcomponents Free lesson

This week's free lesson is all about how to use subcomponents in Reagent's Hiccup.

I'm making all of the lessons of Understanding Re-frame free for one week each. Right now, we're firmly in the Hiccup part, but soon we'll get into the Re-frame specific lessons.