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Announcement: No Clojure SYNC in 2019

I'm sorry to say it, but it won't be happening in 2019. I'm deliberately leaving 2020 open. This post talks about why, and the future of Clojure SYNC.

Security Checklist

It seems like personal information security is getting more important. I wanted to share this checklist in case it inspires you to get more security. Many of these tasks are easy to implement.

Update to Introduction to Clojure Video Course

I updated the code in Introduction to Clojure so that it works seamlessly with Java 1.9 and above. If you tried it in the past and got errors running the code, try it again now.

I apologize that it took so long. I'm going through all of my courses to update dependencies. Some are very old! I'll keep you posted as they go live.

16: Monorepos and monologues with Alex Engelberg Podcast

Alex Engelberg was interviewed on the REPL podcast. Very nice!

An interactive Quine in Clojure

Fun with Clojure in the browser.

Embrace the REPL Podcast

I've been listening to Functional Design in Clojure, a relatively new podcast. This episode stood out because the hosts do a great job of explaining the journey to understanding repl-driven development.

Apropos Clojure #24 YouTube

We talk about Clojure's new release and program a whole database in 30 minutes. Seriously. I think people need to see how easy things could be if you have the right tools. We are also trying to improve the show with show notes! You can find them in the YouTube description. They include the code we write in the show.

Form component best practices Free lesson

In this lesson (free for the week), I explain my unorthodox recommendations for handling forms in Re-frame.