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Announcement: No Clojure SYNC in 2019

I'm sorry to say it, but it won't be happening in 2019. I'm deliberately leaving 2020 open. This post talks about why, and the future of Clojure SYNC.

Stewardship Made Practical YouTube

Stuart Halloway gives practical and sobering advice for how to navigate the perils of open source stewardship.


In a non-Clojure slack I am a part of, someone recommended Metabase very highly. I had heard of it, but never really looked into it. Once I did, it is clear that it's a Clojure success story if there ever was one. It's a tool for doing analysis on top of an existing database.

What is "to reify" in software? Podcast

"To reify" means "to make real". It's an old concept from philosophy. When you name a concept, you can start talking about it. We do something similar in programming. When you take a concept and make it first class, you can begin to manipulate it with normal programming constructs.

The Hidden Life of Trees Book

I really enjoyed this book by Peter Wohlleben. I had no idea that trees were so fascinating. Did you know they communicate with each other?

StackOverflow 2019 Developer Survey is Open

Please help Clojure be adequately represented in this survey.

Some speakers announced for Clojure/north

It's exciting to see a new conference on the continent.

What could a Clojure editor be like? YouTube

Rakhim Davletkaliyev shows how we might visualize Clojure code.

Oz: Visualizations in Clojure GitHub

This project for visualizations in Clojure and ClojureScript looks so nice!

Reagent Atoms Free lesson

This week's free lesson is all about using Reagent's atoms. Atoms are where you store state in Re-frame. They cause re-rendering whenever the state changes. Although Re-frame has a database for storing application state, you will still want atoms for component-local state and for anything that is too lightweight to modify the database for. We go over all of the details in this lesson. Follow @pfunctional_tv to be notified of all the free lessons.