PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 381: #BlackLivesMatter

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Police brutality has to stop ⚖️

All 50 United States are rising up in grief and anger after the brutal murder of George Floyd. And much of the world is demonstrating in solidarity. No Clojure in this issue. There's too much at stake.

Black people in this country face injustices every day from the people we pay to ostensibly protect and serve us. Murder. Beating. Jail. Harassment. Unjustified suspicion. I cannot imagine the daily fear a black person faces that this is the day a cop shoots them when they reach for their ID.

And when it happens, the cop is protected and even supported. Supported by their training, by their equipment, by their peers, by their superiors, by the law, and by the silence of the media and the majority of the population. Oh, and don't forget the people we elected.

But we're not silent right now. We won't stop expressing outrage at the terrible injustice until a believable solution to police brutality is offered, accepted, and enacted.

Please show support any way you can. Here is a good resource for how you can participate: Ways you can help. There are petitions to sign, places to donate money, and more.

Clojure Challenge 🤔

Last week's challenge

The challenge in Issue 380 was to determine if prescribed medicines shouldn't be taken together. You can see the submissions here.

You can leave comments on these submissions in the gist itself. Please leave comments! There are lots of great discussions in there. You can also hit the Subscribe button to keep abreast of the comments. We're all here to learn.

And I must say that I am so happy with the discussions happening in the gist comments. People are getting fast feedback from each other and trying out multiple implementations. Check it out.

Rock on!
Eric Normand