Michael Jerger :clojureD 2017 Speaker Interview

Michael Jerger will be giving a talk at :clojureD 2017. He will be speaking about dda-pallet, which is an open-source DevOps System.

Follow him on his Homepage and GitHub.

PurelyFunctional.tv: How did you get into Clojure?

Michael Jerger: Friend of mine told me about "Joy of Clojure" years ago, so clojure reached my todo stack. I think in 2014 I was very frustrated about puppet and found pallet - a DevOps framework written in clojure. So this was the occasion to get in contact with both, clojure and a better DevOps solution.

PF.tv: What is your talk about?

MJ: It's a lightning talk introducing to a open-source DevOps System called "dda-pallet". If you would ask me to characterize in a view statements, I would say, dda-pallet

  • is a clojure based DevOps system, built upon the great framework pallet created by Hugo Duncan.
  • can be considered the purest expression of the infrastructure-as-code philosophy behind all CM tools.
  • is a stripped-down, essentials-only tool targeting heavily at cloud infrastructure rather than data centers.
  • supports the whole Lifecycle: Create / install / configure servers, create images in build processes, instantiate nodes in the cloud or create networks or other cloud infrastructure.
  • is OpenSource - published under the Apache License, Version 2.0

PF.tv: Who is your talk for?

MJ: It's for people interested in clojure and interested in DevOps / Cloud.

PF.tv: What do you hope people will take away from the talk?

MJ: I hope, to find some folks liking my project. So they should take away the idea, there is a cool DevOps system based on clojure, worth to give it a try :-)

PF.tv: What concepts do you recommend people be familiar with to maximize their experience with the talk?

MJ: I think, everyone visiting clojureD: will be able to follow my talk :-)

PF.tv: What resources are available for people who want to study up before the talk?

MJ: On https://www.domaindrivenarchitecture.org we publish blogs and on https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/dda-pallet-DevOps-Hacking-with-Clojure/ we offer open remote PairProgramming Sessions.

PF.tv: Where can people follow you online?

MJ: I think https://www.domaindrivenarchitecture.org/ is a good point to follow.

PF.tv: Are there any projects you'd like people to be aware of? How can people help out?

MJ: At the moment we are pushing https://github.com/DomainDrivenArchitecture/dda-managed-ide

Its a module to create IDEs for IT projects in a automated manner. Having an automated IDE setup will not only speed up the on board process of developers. We are also experimenting with the creation of temporarily set up IDEs in the cloud in order to drive a single remote pair programming session based on VNC.

For this purpose we're cooperating with http://www.agileventures.org/ project.

PF.tv: Where do you see the state of Clojure in 10 years?

MJ: I think, it will be more mainstream and I'm eager to see the synergy between clojure and linked data movement. I think clojure is a great tool do work on data and linked data is a new way to think about data. If you take a look at new clojure.schema, you will find many matching concepts from these both worlds.

PF.tv: If Clojure were an animal, what animal would it be?

MJ: Clojure is like an ant. If you focus on the core, there are only view functions. but if you broaden your view you can see how well the parts fits together and you will realize there is enough power to rule them all - with a smile.