PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 224: Dune, Leiningen, CIDER

Issue 224 - May 08, 2017

Building Re-frame Components Pre-sale

As you may know, I've been working on a course on building Re-frame components. Re-frame is the most popular React framework in ClojureScript. I wanted to talk about how to reproduce common GUI components in Re-frame as a set of live-coding exercises. You can do the live coding in the browser.

I won't have much fanfare about this pre-sale. The course isn't finished, but there are ten lessons done already. If you buy, you'll get the new lessons as soon as they come out. And the sale ends on Friday. The courses are 50% off during the pre-sale. This is really for those people who want it so bad, they can't wait. All I ask in return is for advice for making it better.

I'll let you know 24 hours before the sale is done, just as a reminder. You can also wait for it to go on sale. I'll do a much better job of explaining why you might want it.

As We May Program Vimeo

Peter Norvig discusses the future of programming, and it's all about statistical programming and using machine learning without being an expert.

Six programming paradigms that will change how you think about coding

Yevgeniy Brikman gives a nice explanation of six paradigms. I don't really know if they'd really change the way you think, but I always encourage exposure to new paradigms.

Using lein to produce multiple artifacts from a Clojure monorepo

I've been using Leiningen for years and I never knew you could do this. David McNeil explains how to have multiple projects in one repo, sharing dependency versions, and able to produce multiple artifacts.

Inventing on Principle Vimeo

I bring up this Bret Victor talk occasionally because it is now referenced all the time for its discussion of live programming. However, it was only an example to illustrate what the talk was really about, which was to follow principles in our design choices. His principle was to make everything apparent and interactive. But a recent reference to this has really got me thinking about my principles.

Jodorowsky's Dune

I watched this movie last week. As a creator myself, I loved the in-depth interviews about the making of the movie that was never made. I highly recommed the movie if you are a fan of his other works (The Magic Mountain, El Topo) or of Dune (which has never been done well on film). It opened my heart to exploring the human and spiritual side of the software I create.

New Re-frame component lessons

I don't think I mentioned the lessons I made two weeks ago. If you were waiting for an announcement, here they are:

  • Accordion Element
  • Embedding External Elements
  • Draggable List

Deep Dive into CIDER YouTube

Mr. Cider himself (Bozhidar Batsov) does an epic screencast of himself using CIDER. He goes through many, many features. I'm going to have to rewatch this. But this may be the best way to learn the features of CIDER.

My statement on LambdaConf

I've been preparing a talk at LambdaConf 2017 and doing interviews of the speakers. Although I was doing it to support functional programming and the speakers, I have recently taken a stronger stance against their inclusion of a publicly racist figure.