PurelyFunctional.tv will expand into more programming languages

*PurelyFunctional.tv will expand outside of Clojure-focused content to serve the greater functional programming community. This will require some changes to the site that may affect you. *

PurelyFunctional.tv has been teaching Clojure and functional programming since 2012 and selling courses since 2013. In that time, it has gone from a small side-project to a full-time business. Having established a foothold in the Clojure community, it is time to expand. It is time to bring functional programming ideas to a wider community. That will require some changes that you should be aware of.

I want to thank everyone who has supported PurelyFunctional.tv along the way. From the first Clojure Gazette newsletters, through a Kickstarter campaign for my first course, all the way to the monthly members, I have received so much encouragement and financial support from the wonderful Clojure community. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of friends.

PurelyFunctional.tv now has 100 hours of mostly Clojure-focused video across 43 courses. And there's plenty more Clojure material to teach. However, it is time to bring more languages into the fold. At the time I started PurelyFunctional.tv, there weren't many functional programming options. Now there are many great ones that are viable to build a career on. I want to help them, as I have helped the Clojure community. The opportunity to spread functional programming ideas (and grow the business doing so) is too great.

To continue to serve both the Clojure community and new programming language communities, PurelyFunctional.tv will switch from a subscription model to an individual purchase model. This change will give me the freedom to teach Clojurists and the wider programming industry while improving quality, increasing the breadth of topics, and improving the reslience of the company by growing the customer base. Team memberships are still available. And if you're an existing member, your membership (and access to all courses) will remain active (and payments will recur) until you cancel. You can manage this from your subscription dashboard.

You might be wondering what languages I'll be working on now. You can continue to look forward to high-quality Clojure video courses and written learning material. I haven't yet finalized the decision of what other languages I will focus on, but I am looking into languages such as Rust, TypeScript, and Kotlin. I still believe that functional programming needs to be more widely understood, so expect a focus on functional programming skills in those languages.

I still love Clojure and its community. I'm not going very far. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. I am very happy to see functional programming doing so well. I think it has a chance to impact the software development industry for the better. And I hope to serve you in your functional journey going forward.

Rock on! Eric Normand Fearless Leader, PurelyFunctional.tv