Where to find functional jobs

There has never been a better time to be a professional functional programmer. More and more companies are recognizing the value of functional programming. And companies are more open than ever to a polyglot workforce. There are jobs in almost every industry. Many of the jobs are remote. But where can you find them?

This is a big and broad question. Most job listings are by programming language. So I've made separate guides for different programming languages. Select the guide you'd like below.



Other languages are coming soon! If you don't see your language of choice, check out the guides anyway. Many of those sites allow you to search for different languages.

There are plenty of place to look for jobs. Yes, there are fewer jobs than the really popular languages like Java, JavaScript, and Ruby. But there are some really great jobs out there all across the spectrum. Big, stable companies with awesome benefits down to scrappy startup working for equity. You want to have the confidence to apply for the jobs you want. If you really want to go down this path, don't go it alone. At PurelyFunctional.tv, we help you get the skills you need to thrive at these jobs. Sign up for a membership today.

Action for the day:

Last time, you reflected on the past and came up with some milestones for the future of your career. Those will come in handy now. Go hunting for 10 jobs that you'd like to apply to. Evaluate them on 3 criteria:

1. Language and technology

How much does the language and technology align with your career goals? Is it just where you want to be? Or is it a step toward that goal?

2. Industry

Does the industry suit your goals? Is it a similar industry, with similar problems, to the one you do want to work in?

3. Job miscellany

Is the location going to work for you? Does it allow remote work? Are you paid in the right currency?

Next time we'll use this analysis when we're doing research to prepare to tweak our resumes and nail the interviews.

You see how many jobs there are out there? It's an amazing time. 10 years ago you wouldn't have found more than a handful in the whole world. Seeing all of these jobs can be enticing. But so often they have requirements that you can't meet. How can you get up to date on all of those requirements? We'll get to that next time.

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